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Juku – After-school activity

This school for children was planned in the S.Training Center to make effective use of this building.
The cafeteria and meeting rooms in this training center were utilized as this school’s satellite functions,
and the front of the facility was newly designed on the 6th floor.
We converted wood, stone, ceramics, and other discarded materials into furniture and finishes
with an experimental attitude that coincided with the facility’s philosophy.

Design / masanori sakaguchi_designQ
Construction / ANDas
Lighting / DAIKO Electric
Collaborator / 吉野中央木材, ao Factory, utte, 乾石材店, STANDARD LABEL, KRAIBURG Relastec
Photography / masanori sakaguchi_designQ

Total floor area _369.5㎡
2023 01, Fukushima, OSAKA, JAPAN